RPL Assessment


QAC aims to validate the assessment of evidence presented by candidates seeking recognition for approved Theoretical Element Training and / or Practical Element Training credit.  Assessment is all about you (the candidate), providing all requested authenticated evidence to enable the QAC RPL Assessor to provide you with a credit outcome.


The assessment may include a combination of:

• interview data
• current AME licences issued by a competent authority
• relevant course certificates
• relevant practical task booklets/task lists
• statements of attainment
• statements of attendance
• representation at manufacturer’s training sessions
• results of challenge tests
• any other evidence that may be required by the QAC Part 147 RPL Assessor


 Your RPL assessment will be managed by QAC using CASA approved training assessment tools.  The authenticated evidence that you gather will be assessed by an approved QAC Part 147 RPL Assessor.  Where evidence for current competence is sort, the process of gathering evidence for submission may be managed by you along with your immediate Part 145 Supervisor and Part 145 Assessor.  In some cases your Part 145 Supervisor and Assessor may be the same person.

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